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7 Reasons to cloth-diaper

Hi there friends! 

I know it's been a while; but having a baby is NO JOKE. Can you believe she is 7 months old now?? 

I can't... 

Well as many of you know I am a cloth-diapering mommy; no... not the old school kind of cloth. They have an awesome, easy new kind ! They're just like normal diapers, except... you can reuse them; which is awesome. There is so many reasons I cloth diaper... but I decided to give you my top 7 in this post! 

1) Finances To me this is the most obvious reason to cloth diaper. You get a one time stash and you're done. No paying a monthly bill for disposables week after week. Plus, no running out of diapers. All that you have to pay for from now on is your laundry soap and your water which adds up to basically nothing compared to how expensive diapers are. Especially with websites now; that have a the cutest and very budget friendly diapers like alva baby; you can not go wrong. Alva baby is where I get most my cloth diapers from. It doesn't have to be expensive at all! My husband and I paid $200 to start and now all we do is get wipes. Compared to my friends who do not clothdiaper we are saving about 100 to 150 a month! Ca-ching! 2) Environmentally consious

When I finally made the decision to clothdiaper I was super proud of the fact Addie wasn't going to be adding any mess to this world in her first years. Think about all the diapers that you're throwing into your trashcan, all those diapers have to go somewhere and most diapers are not biodegradable.. which means that they're going to end up in a landfill.. Knowing I can and am helping this problem makes me very happy! 3) It looks adorable This was the reason why I was even considering cloth diapers in the first place... Yes, it's that easy to draw me in. I was just scrolling on Pinterest, which I did a lot pre-baby.. And I found the cutest looking baby with the cutest looking diaper. That link let me to a couple websites; which let me to a video on how to. from that video on I was seriously thinking about it. Once I was sold on the cuteness of the fluffy bottom. It wasn't long until I was sold on all the other reasons. I now had to get my husband in on it. I convinced him it would be financially worth it and now 6 months in, he thanks me every time we're in the grocery store! 4) Your baby is a difference maker How many people tell their kids that they're going to be world changers? If you want them to be world changers you got to raise him to change the world! If you want them to do good you got show them what that looks like. Taking care of the world by doing things like cloth-diapering will surely raise your kids with a mind to look at the world with different eyes. I want to teach Addie to leave the world better than she found it, that something thins might be 'harder' to do; but better in the long run. When your baby sees you doing those things she will follow; hopefully.  5) Faster potty training So I don't know this one by experience.. BUT I have heard that once your baby starts walking; they can feel when they get wet way easier when they're in cloth-diapers. Which means that your baby can let you know that she needs to go potty once she understand the concept. Which prevents a lot of headaches.  6) No blowouts, I repeat; NO BLOWOUTS So this might sound crazy, but I have never had a blowout in a cloth diaper.. Every single time she poops in a disposable, which I still use for traveling; it shoots straight up her badk. I don't know why it's different in cloth.. Maybe because of the elastic band on the top? I have to be real though, I have had leak cloth-diapers due to me being a newby and stuffing it wrong. But never a blowout! Truthfully I would way rather deal with a little bit of pee than deal with a romper full of poop.. 7) No chemicals = no diaper rash Most diapers have lots of chemicals in them: that means that you are putting your baby in chemicals every single day.. I am no scientist so I don't know the effect that has on your baby; but I do know this... Adeline has NEVER had a diaper rash and I think that is due to the great quality of cloth diapers! So… Tell me what you think? What is keeping you from clocth-diapering? If you are still doubting wanted to cloth-diaper let me just show you these cute pictures of Addie that I'll post below and you'll be sold!